Best Motorcycle Jackets 2018 – Buying Guide

Best Motorcycle Jackets

Are you a frenzied motorcycle rider?

Are you looking to protect yourself from wind rush and just ride no matter What Is the weather condition?

Nowadays motorcycles have been greatly modified so it’s not enough to just ride with a normal coat.

There are different styles when it comes to motorcycle riding but one thing in common: you are greatly exposed thus you need to have the best motorcycle jacket for protection.

Not all motorcycle jackets are made to protect you some are just made to make the rider look really cool, others for warmth as well as good looks.

There are jackets which are designed differently to suit different motorcycle riders’ needs.

Most motorcycle jackets are waterproof so it will save you from the rain pouring hard. So, when you are in your jacket rain is among the least of your worries.

You also need to be aware that motorcycle jackets are considered as an essential aspect when it comes to motorcycle riding.

Are you looking for a fabulous motorcycle jacket? Well, look no more. I have gone down the road to review eighteen best motorcycle jackets for you:

Nineteen best motorcycle jackets

Joe racket Atomic 4.0 Riding Jacket comes with many unique features. You will definitely need this jacket for it comes modified to adjust to any weather.

It does not require you to spend a fortune when purchasing.

Joe Rocket Atomic jacket is made of lightweight material and has plenty of venting which is located on the back.

The vents are to ensure that during hot days you don’t feel uncomfortable.

This jacket happens to be made of high-quality material. It is made with a textile that is resistant to heat and abrasion.

It has two zippers which make the jacket fully waterproof and also help in cooling the body.

When it’s hot you can open the zippers so as to allow fresh cooling air to flow in through the vents for cooling.

When the weather changes you close all the zippers and the vents then make sure the full sleeve liner is installed to keep yourself warm.

With the vents closed most of the airflow is blocked and the jacket being lightweight, it retains heat inside the jacket.

Key features
  • Ventilation system with waterproof zippers
  • C.E approved armor which is externally accessible
  • Full sleeve removable insulated armor
  • Sure fit system which is 6 points adjustable
  • Ventilation with wind cooling wind tunnel
  • Adjustable waistband for fit
  • Spine protector pad which is removable
  • Protectors which are CE rated for protection of the elbows and shoulders



High-quality material

Few pockets compared to other jackets


Very light collar

Multiple sizes available

Ventilation systems with great airflow

Adjusts to any weather condition

Are you looking for an affordable unique stylish motorcycle jacket?

Alpinestars Andes Drystar jacket is your best choice.It has a two-way zipper which is solid and can be operated with your hands gloved.

The two-way zipper is great since you can unzip the bottom part partially to prevent the jacket from racking up around the waist.

The jacket is made from high-quality materials and is well tailored which gives it a crisp look.

The jacket’s fabric does not get wrinkled easily even if it’s being shipped with a whole lot of other products.

This jacket is mainly suitable for all those who ride in mild or cold weather.

The daystar lining which is located between the inner lining and the outer shell makes the jacket waterproof.

Alpinestars breathable liner is not removable.

The jacket contains both back and chest zippered vents and vented pockets although the air only comes in through space in between the liner and the outer fabric.

You can also keep the jacket partially open at the top using the zipper flap which has clever two-part.

For additional ventilation, the jacket has a snap and an elastic collar hook that helps in keeping the flap folded.

The abrasion- resistant material on the jackets elbows keeps you safe coupled up with the hip and chest pads just in case you get into an accident.



Keeps you warm during the cold season

Limited ventilation


Many pockets for storage

Durable material

Affordable price

Blade Motorcycle Riding jacket is the leather for all you riders out there.

If you are looking for a jacket that gives you the best time when riding, then this is the jacket for you.

It is made of durable high-quality leather which makes it worthwhile.

This motorcycle jacket comes modified with a removable armor which is meant to protect the back, the shoulders, and the elbows.

This armor is especially useful since you won’t get hurt just in case you get an accident.

The jacket is made from strong original leather thus making the jacket high quality.

The removable armor for protection is tightly held in place in the pockets which are sealed in Velcro.

The jacket also has foam padding around the neck for enough comfort.

The leather jacket also contains full sleeve liners which are removable.

The jacket also comes with dual 360 and 8” pant attachment so it is compatible with motorcycle pants.

The chest area contains two zippers for quality ventilation.

Key Features
  • Many pockets and zippers for ventilation
  • Double 8” and 360 pant attachment for male and female attachment
  • Premium cowhide leather 1.2 -1.3
  • Strong zippers and quilted removable liner
  • Strong 5pc injection molded plastic armor on the shoulders. Back and elbows



Quality leather made

Does not have exceptional qualities

Enough ventilation

Compatible with motorcycle pants

Armor for safety just in case of accidents

If you are looking for a hot weather jacket, then you look no further.

Dainese super speed textile jacket is great for sporty riding.

Other than the mesh panels and the duratex material construction,

the metal shoulders serve as protectors from falls and prevent the material catching on the tarmacadam thus preventing tumbles.

The Dainese super speed is made from a certain material which makes it flexible enough for any person’s size.

The elbow areas and the base of the shoulder sliders there is a homologated armor.

The rigid plastic walls located on the outside distributes and absorbs all over the protector’s surface since it has a patented structure that is reticulate and offers weight and thickness on the lower part.

The foam mattress adjusts to the user’s body shape for comfort and also makes up the internal structure for protection.

The polythene foam also happens to be perforated for high-quality air flow.

The jacket also has snap adjustments which make sure there is maximum fit around the collar and wrist while the hook and loop allow one to adjust the jacket to their body shape.

The jacket is pretty comfortable since it has a mesh inner lining while there is an adjustment to make the shoulders and the elbow armor is in the right place.

The jacket is specially made for sporty riding since it contains a paneling above the shoulders.

The air which comes through the vents which are located on the breast, arm, the back, and torso really help during hot days.

Denise zipped pockets are deep enough for storage of your items.

Key features
  • Aluminum inserts on the shoulders
  • Made from duratex fabric
  • Elasticated fabric inserts
  • Certified protectors composite this is removable



Great for hot weather days

The inner liner is really thin

Great ventilation

Very comfortable

Can be easily adjusted to any shape

The Milano jacket protects the rider during that rainy season effectively.

It has the capability to adapt to all kind of weather conditions since it contains brushed lining and an adjustable which helps in retaining warmth inside the jacket.

The Milano Sports Gamma Motorcycle jackets do not hinder anybody movements since it is equipped with straps which are easily adjustable.

The body temperature is kept in constant by the two external vents on the lower back and on the chest which work perfectly with the zipper.

Other than two spacious external pockets, the jacket contains an internal pocket where you can keep all your important things.

The CE armor at the shoulders and elbows provides the body with maximum protection from falls or any knock-backs.

The added panel at the rear and in the front also help in ensuring the safety of the rider.

The jacket also helps in making sure you are visible at night since it has stripes on the upper arms and the back.

Key Features
  • Available in four different colors
  • Both small and large sizes available
  • Removable armors CE approve
  • A thermal quilted liner which is removable
  • Zippered vents on the back and chest
  • Waterproof.



It’s comfortable

Large size is limited.

Great design

Durable material

Enough ventilation

The Cortech GX Air Series 2 is a sports jacket which will make sure the rider is warm and comfortable during the cold time.

The jacket is also available in multiple of colors so there is no limit in the collection.

The jacket shell is made mostly from a mesh material which is loosely weaved thus it allows free flow of air.

The fact that there is a flow of air makes the jacket comfortable to wear even during hot weather conditions.

The removable waterproof liner coupled with the thermal liner is the main features which help keep warm when the cold weather sets in.

In very cold weather conditions, the two liners together are the best to use while in wet weather the waterproof liner proves quite handy.

The two liners are also removable for the riders’ comfort in hot weather.

The CE approved hard plastic foam GP armor protects the elbow and shoulders from injury just in case of a fall.

The black leather on the back, the shoulders and the elbow enhance the jacket’s protection from abrasion qualities.

The lightweight CE approved pad that is located at the back is best for absorption of energy.

Key Features
  • A jacket to pant zipper
  • Reflective piping
  • Mesh shell with washable Brazilian leather
  • Protective Amor



Great for the cold areas

The jacket is not very tight

Features for protection

The pro mesh jacket happens to be a great jacket to use all around the year.

It is pocket-friendly as well as the best choice jacket for novices in motorcycle riding who are looking for a jacket on a budget.

Even if this jacket is quite cheap it is equipped with a double armor thus giving you confidence when riding something that jackets below $100 doesn’t give you.

Not only is this jacket waterproof but also it has a removable liner which helps you to stay comfortable in all types of weather.


The Pro mesh jacket is made from poly mesh and Cordura which makes the jacket lightweight and resistant to abrasion.

The armor is placed in the most important places on the shoulders and elbows.

The hard armor happens to be stitched into the elbow and shoulder areas and is made from plastic.

The double armor contains foam as well hard CE approved armor.

The liner present in the jacket happens to be removable for comfort when riding in warm climates.

Generally, this motorcycle jacket is the best pocket-friendly jacket out there.

Key Features
  • Removable waterproof liner
  • Made from Ultra Breathable lightweight abrasion resistant Cordura and poly mesh.
  • Piping and taping which makes the rider visible at night or in poor lighting.
  • Sure fit feature
  • The 5PC removable armor around the elbows, shoulders, and back.
  • External armor for the shoulders and back attached to the jacket



The jacket is lightweight

The pockets are not waterproof

Contains double armor feature

Made of long-lasting material

Suitable for all seasons

The jacket is made from quality Cordura material which happens to be popular since it gives service for long.

The unique Velcro closure is what is meant to provide safety together with cuffs.

The Velcro and cuffs ensure that you don’t get hooked on the gravel when taking rides.

The jacket also has features which make it versatile because you can adjust how it fits with the help of the zip and button fastenings.

The bright Scotchlite material makes you visible during the night and you can also attract attention from other riders

The Scotchlite material also helps in protecting your elbows and shoulders from injuries.

The quilt can be removed in warm weather for quality ventilation and comfort.

As for the breathable waterproof liner, you can make sure it is fully closed in cold weather.

Key features
  • The waterproof liner which is breathable
  • Removable quilt for warmth and comfort
  • Scotchlite Reflective Material and protection for the arms shoulders and back
  • Contains zip and button fastening
  • Velcro closure on the cuffs
  • Made from Cordura fabric



Zip and button fastening better safety

Limited qualities

Provides protection against injuries

Made from quality material

Available in different sizes and colors

The Leather Factory Men’s SWORD jacket is made from genuine leather thus it is worth the cost and the ride as well.

The jacket happens to have undergone wax treatment to make it waterproof thus protecting you from the rain.

The wax treatment also makes gives it that gross shiny look to make the rider look cool.

The jacket has four pockets where a rider can store his phone and other items.

There are two pockets on the sides and two on the upper chest.

The upper chest pockets have a flap closure on top and vertical zippers to give it that vintage look to the maximum.

The high collar closes up using the snap buttons and main zipper for maximum warmth.

Just in case the weather is too hot you can lower the collar the collar and unzip for ventilation and comfort.

The jacket is only available in one color that is shabby black.

The quilting on the shoulders looks as if they are sewn in the jacket since they are horizontally placed.

Key features
  • Genuine lambskin leather
  • Two zipped chest and front pockets and two inside pockets
  • Stand collar with throat tab
  • Snap buttons at hem for structured fit
  • 100% polyester lining



Provides protection against injuries


Provides comfort

Made from high-quality material

Long lasting

The Viking motorcycle jacket has a cooling mesh around the torso, back and the arms thus you don’t have to be worried about riding in hot weather with an enclosed jacket.

The Viking motorcycle jacket ensures that you are fully ventilated no matter how hot the weather is.

The jacket also has a multi-point Sure fit adjustment system that ensures you get quality fit: there is no bulking in some unwanted areas.

The jacket hugs your whole body for comfort and style when riding. The sure fit system also makes sure that the body shield stays in place just in case of an accident.

You are able to get protection from accidents and prevent abrasions.

Other than the breathable shell and the mesh the Viking jacket contains CE approved armor for protection of your upper body it is located on the shoulders and the elbow area.

The Vikings Warlock motorcycle mesh jacket also comes with a removable spine pad for protection against spinal injuries.

You can customize the CE approved spine protector with the spine pad for maximum protection.

The jacket also contains multiple pockets both inside and outside where you can store your wallet and phone and other items as well.

Key Features
  • Polycarbonate protective shoulder and elbow armor
  • Overlapping mandarin padded collar.
  • Waterproof middle liner
  • Zip out of the full sleeve
  • Breathable mesh liner
  • Polyester quilted vest inner liner
  • Breathable fabric



Contains multiple pockets

Does not provide a slim fit

Provides safety

Has enough ventilation

Gives protection against falls

Joe Rocket phoenix riding jacket is easy to move around since it is lightweight.

Its fabric is not bulky or stiff and has a lot of venting where two long vertical vents are located at the back.

There are two more vents are on the back with each running under the underarm.

The vents make the jacket feel as if it’s a mesh jacket but it’s not.

The jacket is suitable for those hot weather places since it keeps you cool and comfortable.

The jacket contains waterproof zippers which make the jacket waterproof.

The jacket is made from textile which is which is heat and abrasion resistant.

The zippers are located on each bicep and two more at the back so when it is hot you will just have to open the zippers for cool and fresh air to flow through.

Similarly, you close all the vents and install the sleeve liner to make your jacket retain warmth when the temperatures go down.

It has a removable spine pad which makes sure you are fully protected from spinal injuries.

It also comes with removable CE approved shoulder and elbow armor for maximum protection.

The collar is lined with soft fleece for comfort while the jacket is generally made from padding that can fit around any body shape.

Key features
  • Waterproof
  • Full sleeve liner which is removable
  • CE approved armor at the shoulders and elbows
  • Removable spine pad with a pocket for optional C.E spine protector



High-quality padding

Tight collar


A great ventilation system for amazing airflow

Available in multiple sizes

The jacket is really light in weight since it is a mesh jacket.

It is made of air mesh material for the free flow of cool fresh air in those hot summer days.

It also contains a removable waterproof liner for comfort in those rainy days. The 6- point sure fit adjustment design ensures any body type can fit in the jacket.

Whether you have a big body or that tiny one the sure fit feature ensures the jacket fits comfortably with no worry about it being saggy on long rides.

The jacket also offers maximum protection on a daily basis.

The jacket is designed with CE approved armors around the elbows and shoulders to prevent injuries since those are the parts that are at the highest risk of getting injured.

The jacket also has spine pad and CE approved spine armor to prevent you from spinal injuries which are very fatal.

The jacket is also lined with one pocket on the inside and two on the outside for storage of personal item during bike rides.

The Joe Rocket Atomic motorcycle has belt loops from the attachment of the coat to motorcycle pants.

Key features
  • Sure Fit custom adjustment system
  • Belt loops for pant attachment
  • Reflective stripes
  • Extended at the back
  • 1 pocket on the outside and two inside pockets
  • Removable waterproof armor at the elbows and shoulder
  • CE approved spine armor and dual density spine pad



Air mesh shell for cooling

Pocket padding moves around

Sure fit technology

Armor at the elbows and shoulders for protection

Removable waterproof liner

If you are looking for a hoodie motorcycle jacket, then Don’t worry.

The Speed and strength cruise missile hoodie is the perfect jacket for you.

It is a stylish lightweight jacket that fully armored around the shoulders and elbows to ensure that you are protected against injuries just in case of an accident.

For maximum warmth, it has hand warming pockets and a hoody for full body warmth something that motorcycle jackets don’t usually offer.

The hand warmer pockets are also good for keeping your keys or other personal items which don’t take up space.

It has belt snaps to keep the hoody from moving when you are riding up.

It has padding that helps in keeping the whole body warm.

The thumb loops also keep the wind from going through your sleeves while you are on the road.

The cruises missile has a great casual look which most riders look for and also does the jacket lovers a great favor too.

Key Features
  • Belt loops for pant attachment.
  • Shoulder and elbows protective armor
  • Spine protector and zippered handwarmer pockets
  • Belt loops for pant attachment



Great for all who are looking for a motorcycle jacket which looks casual

The padding makes one look larger in the chest area

Provides comfort and comfort due to its padding

Protects since it is equipped with both CE approved armor and spine pads

Has belt loops to hold the hoodie in place and attach hoodie to pants

Are you an upcountry rider looking to get yourself the perfect motorcycle jacket?

Goldfox Motorbike motorcycle protective Body armor jacket is the perfect jacket out here for you.

It is made from foam mesh fabric which ensures there is plenty of fresh cool air flowing into your body for comfort in the hot weather.

It contains thick soft padding at the chest, shoulders, and forearms for shock absorbance just in case of an accident.

The bold strap on the shoulders is also meant for protection since it protects the collarbone from injuries.

The foam mesh fabric gives comfort and allows for stretching of the fabric and enough ventilation.

The elastic straps which are cross designed are meant to secure the elbow guards in place.

The built-in kidney belt with double straps makes the jacket fit perfectly.

Key Features
  • Foam mesh fabric
  • Hard strap on the shoulder to protect the collarbone and shoulder
  • Hard protectors on the upper arms, chest, elbows, and forearms for protection against hard objects
  • Thick soft foam padding for shock absorption around the shoulders, chest, and elbows
  • Stretch feature for maximum ventilation



Fits perfectly since it has fit enhancing features

Seems heavy

Can stretch for maximum fit

Enough protection from injury and objects

Free flow of air for comfort in hot weather

The Alpinestars have created the T-GP R jacket for all those riders who looking to ride during the summer.

The jacket is made from polyester and has mesh panels placed strategically to provide resistance to abrasion.

The jacket is fully vented for maximum flow of fresh cool air for comfort during those hot weather day rides.

The fully vented chassis holds removable CE approved armor on the elbow and shoulders for protection from injury.

The T-GP R also comes equipped with pockets on the chest and the back protectors for storage and safety of important items.

There is a waterproof pocket with a liner for the important sensitive items as well.

The long sleeve removable liner makes the jacket more unique since it will just be removed in hot weather conditions for cool air to flow through the body.

The stretch fabric ensures the jacket fits comfortably and can maneuver around the body easily.

The back and chest pad with PE foam padding ensure that you are fully protected from

chest injuries and spinal injuries.

Key Features
  • Removable long-sleeve windproof liner
  • Full mesh lining boosts with capability and breathability
  • Excellent fit and movement because of the poly fabric stretch panel
  • Poly fabric reinforced with PU coating for increased durability and resistance to abrasion
  • Mesh panels strategically positioned
  • Perforated zones for airflow for comfort in hot weather conditions.



It is made of high-quality polyester

Can overstretch at some point


Protects you from injuries and provides due to the mesh made and the flow of air

Stretch fabric for maximum fit

Idarbi leather jacket with a detachable hoodie for utility and style has plenty of pockets with zipper and button closure and comes in four different designs.

It might not be the most protective jacket out there but the style that comes along it is worthwhile.


The detachable hoodie gives that casual look and it has been proven to be great when it comes to blocking the wind.

It is made from soft material that is slick thus it gives comfort when wearing.

The jacket is versatile such that it will keep you warm during the winter seasons because of the hoody and keep cool in summer since it has detachable hoody.

It also gives you the choice of styling it in whichever way that you wish to.

The jacket also creates a space for several made style and happens to be available in wide range categories.

Key Features
  • Zipper closure
  • Detachable hoodie
  • Four pockets with zipper closure
  • Polyurethane made
  • Professional cleaning only
  • Faux leather and snap closure neck



Available in several styles

It runs in small sizes

Enhances appearance

Proven versatility

The Klim Badlands is made from high-quality stitching and detailing on the outfit.

The stitching is double rows and is what makes the jacket more comfortable.

The jacket is stiffer compared to other motorcycle jackets out there but it happens to be surprisingly more comfortable.

The jacket stitchery unveils elegance and quality when it comes to construction.

The collar has two small pieces of hook and loop for closing the neck and is made from the very comfortable material.

The collar also has a threaded chin rope through the top seam for size adjustment.

The size adjustment threaded chin rope pulls the collar tight.

The jacket has a loose fit.

That is the make Of optimized for any type of body movement and body positioning during the rides.

The outfit does not have liners thus it is more comfortable even though liners come in with the versatility of a jacket.

This makes it have that high-quality fit.

The jacket has high-quality spine protector compared to other jackets it has very carefully inclusive waist belt that goes in through to the mesh jacket liner which makes it easier to put on.

When you zip up the jacket there is an inbuilt chest protector.

The hem along the bottom of the jacket contains a nylon spring loaded that holds the clinched tight adjustment.

The jacket also contains sleeve adjustments which keep the armor and padding on the elbows and shoulders in place.

Key Features
  • Black in color
  • Pro shell material
  • 2 back vertical exhaust vents
  • 7 external pockets
  • Removable adjustable kidney belt
  • Adjustment straps
  • Chest side and forearm intake vents.



Snug fit

Does not have vented lines

Warm enough

Quality at an affordable price

The Viking motorcycle coat makes sure you are safe when you are on the road.

The CE approved armor for the elbows and shoulders ensures you are moving in the right degree freely.

The armor is also thick enough so it acts as a shock absorber, just in case an accident occurs.

The reflective PU badges ensure you are visible to others so as to avoid worst of conditions.

The jacket has a slim lustrous look that is comfortable for a fit that fits perfectly on any body type.

It allows for maximum movement without compromising the safety of the rider.

Generally, this is a stylishly modern jacket which is versatile enough since it is at your services in the cold times and the hot summer.

With the grey and black combination, it gives this comfort and elegance that you won’t find in any other jacket out there.

Key features
  • Removable layer to adapt to the different weather changes.
  • CE approved protection
  • Kidney belt for support
  • Allows for all types of movement
  • Made from Tri-Tex fabric with reflective PU badges



It offers CE approved protection and immense absorption for protection

Sizes can at times run small.

Allows for any type movement since it is lightweight and has a less bulky armor.

Removable layer for adapting to the weather changes

Reflective PU badges for your visibility at night.

Contains a kidney belt for back support

Great cold weather jacket.

The Xelement CF 380 is a great jacket for the hot weather.

The removable mesh lining and breathable fabric help in maximizing the flow of fresh cool air.

The jacket also allows for space to pair with other items.

In cold weather, it is best if it is paired with a hoody or thermal underneath.

The coat also has four outer pockets and two inner pockets for storage of essential items like the phone or keys.

This jacket is lightweight despite the strong and durable protection which it offers.

The jackets armor has been praised as the most reliable among all jackets.

The jackets armor has been tested and awarded the highest rank on jackets protective armors.

This coat is made of high-quality Tri-Tex 600 denier fabric.

It also contains removable armor pads in the elbows and lower and upper back regions.

The removable mesh lining and the laminated fabric allow fresh col air to flow in the jacket for comfort.

You can use the jacket when there are high temperatures without worry of discomfort or heat up.

The quilted liner makes it suitable to use in chilly weather since it adds on to the warmth.

This coat is also easily adjustable to your fit since it contains Velcro waist straps and cuff adjustments.

Since it is adjustable you can reduce flapping when at high speed.

This jacket offers value and comfort at an affordable price.

Key features
  • Removable quilt liner
  • Contains Velcro waist straps and cuff adjustments.
  • Made from Tri-Tex 600 denier fabric
  • Removable armor pad on the elbows and shoulders.
  • CE approved protection armors
  • Removable mesh lining and breathable fabric



Approved protective armor

It’s not waterproof although it doesn’t entirely get soaked with water

Quality at an affordable price

Not recommended for the rainy cold season since it’ not warm enough.

Easily adjustable to fit and reduce flapping

Enough flow of fresh cool air

Final Verdict

Different motorcyclists have different needs and drive in different terrain or weather conditions.

Since that is the case there’re a wide variety of motorcycle jackets in the market just to suit the different needs of the motorcyclists.

Motorcycle jackets go far from just being a fashion statement they help in keeping you safe from injuries.

There is the safety that comes with having a motorcycle jacket on when taking a ride.

When you are assured of safety you get to enjoy your ride better.

A good jacket may not be cheap although, there are also several cheap motorcycle jackets which provide high-quality safety.

The best thing would be to save up enough to buy a good jacket which will serve as your armor when taking rides.

Please Tell Us In The Comments That Which Jacket You Like Most, From These Jackets.

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